Stupid video tricks with mplayer and mencoder

For people out there as lazy as I am (and by lazy, I mean "will spend four hours searching forums via google to find someone else who wanted to accomplish something tricky with one command line, and asked smarter people rather than dig through documentation to come up with the solution") I'm putting together a short list of simple but (imho) interesting things to do with mplayer and mencoder because I have had to do them at one point or another, and why should you suffer the pain of broken google links and forced forum registrations?

First, get mplayer. I'm not going into the esoterics of how to set it up for your system, I use windows and cygwin, and the latest windows binary with the all codecs package works for me.

And now, in no particular order...

h o m e       |        b l o g       |        s o f t w a r e       |        t h i n g s