Ubuntu Ibex and Jaunty with the Dell Vostro 1510

Pretty much everything I put on this site is for other lazy people who are at the end of their rope with some problem, and are suffering from broken google links and ad-filled blogspam pages that bubble up to the top of the search lists.

This particular issue was crazy frustrating, because everything on my Vostro was working quite well under Ubuntu, until one day it just stopped recognizing the internal keyboard and mouse, even in recovery mode. A few searches later, I found this post at UbuntuForums.org. The solution worked perfectly. I'll also detail a few things I did for my vostro below.

Keyboard and mouse not working

(reposted from here)
  1. Backup your /boot/grub/menu.lst somewhere else, possibly off the machine?
  2. Run: sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst, and enter your password when requested. Obviously, you can use whatever editor you like.
  3. Find the line beginning # kopt=. Don't remove the #.
  4. Add i8042.reset to the end of the line, so that your final line looks something like:
    # kopt=root=UUID=c10a4641-f9b2-8b06-7127-bb1ba1fe45d4 ro i8042.reset
  5. Save the file.
  6. Run sudo update-grub

Broadcom wireless card

When given the opportunity after install to use the proprietary broadcom drivers, don't. This is a your-mileage-may-vary tip, but for me, I had to revert (with great difficulty) from my original choice when I found that it required a lot of jumping through hoops to use WPA and TKIP. Once I used the open driver, wifi worked without a hitch.

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